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Persian language , also known as Farsi, is usually spoken in numerous countries like Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Refer to it Dari in Afghanistan in addition to being Tajiki in Tajikistan. The Persian speaking folks , who have an interest in English , can download English texts translated into Persian, completely from the World Wide Web. There are lots of softwares and web-based applications, that allow the readers to download English texts as Persian. On this page, we shall discuss about a few of these tools.

Creation foremost of these tools may be the GOOGLE TRANSLATE. This is just about the most wonderful translation tool online. It enables us to translate a text developed in some of its listed languages into the other languages in the list. Luckily, both English and Persian are contained in the listing of languages on the search engines TRANSLATE. Now do that, put this English phrase on the left panel on the internet translate - Download English to Persian. Then select Persian since the language on the right panel. You would discover that the phrase are already translated into Persian as - دانلود دیکشنری انگلیسی به ارسی

Another such web-based application is English Persian Dictionary . It is actually an application , that is the software that may be downloaded and set up in your smartphone. It enables you to translate and download English as Persian, even when you are traveling.

There's a similar app which might be used APPLE smartphones or i-Phones.This is whats called PERSIAN ENGLISH FARSI DICTIONARY & THESAURUS & TRANSLATOR. But to make use of this app you should install another app called iTUNES with your i-phone. This may be downloaded from APPLE website.

iFarsi : Persian dictionary for i-phone is another similar app that could be downloaded and set up on your i-phone.

There's another similar software called LINGVOSOFT DICTIONARY 2007. Once placed on a laptop or perhaps a desktop, quite sure translates English into Persian, without difficulty.

Apart from these softwares, there are many websites also that assist within the translation of English into Persian. One website is Out of this site, you can easily download softwares and dictionaries, essential for translating and after that downloading English into Persian. Another similar website is It is probably the earliest and many popular Persian/English dictionary. It comes along with a simple to use Persian Keyboard.

Mention can be made about a software called DORNEGAR ENGLISH FARSI DICTIONARY. It is possibly the first WINDOWS compatible English/Farsi dictionary.It may be downloaded totally free from the website called

There is again a website called, providing you with an offline English to Persian dictionary.

There are numerous more websites and softwares دانلود دیکشنری انگلیسی به فارسی برای ویندوز 8 freely available on the internet , from to easily translate after which download an English script as a Persian or Farsi one. Whenever you find this type of website or software you should always verify it before using. To do this, you could possibly first enter this English phrase - Download English to Persian. In the event the tool is nice then it must translate it as being - دانلود دیکشنری انگلیسی به �ارسی

When it does this, you go ahead with it. There's a high probability that you might see that translation tool useful.

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